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Sonorisation Holiday is your privileged interlocutor for the organization of your corporate events. With more than 35 years of experience in this field, we put our know-how and experience at your disposal. Being now a division of SYNC Productions, event organization is taken to another level.

A single place to set up any type of corporate event, with specialists for each of the areas sought. Save time and money by removing outsourcing from the equation, we put our know-how and experience at your disposal.

The challenges of a corporate event

A corporate party must be superbly orchestrated. The very reputation of a company is at stake. Indeed, important personalities – interior or exterior – are invited. It can be staff, partners or even customers. This is an opportunity to initiate and consolidate relationships at all levels.

In any case, the company must therefore convey a good image and show its values through the celebration.

Different goals to achieve

So it’s not just about partying. Of course, the atmosphere must be perfect. But beyond the fun, certain communication and marketing objectives must be achieved.

This includes revealing the stability of the business as well as future prospects. This builds a certain reputation in the industry. One thing leading to another, this allows you to broaden your horizons and have new opportunities. In the end, this is an additional way to boost sales.

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The importance of entrusting the organization of a corporate event to a professional
Entrusting the organization of your corporate events to an outside entity has many advantages. First, your employees can concentrate on their usual tasks. Then you can rest assured that the preparations are going well. No need to run after two hares at the same time since the service provider you are going to hire only focuses on organizing the festivities.
In any case, you can submit all your requirements to us.

What kind of party? How many people ? Where ? The most important thing is to define the theme and the objective of the evening. All these details must be communicated to our team. Our mission is to prepare a personalized party that meets each of your expectations.


Call on our team for all your private events. Whatever the theme of your evening, we will be able to organize a reception that meets your expectations. We are committed to providing quality services. A team of experienced professionals is at your disposal to fulfill your requests.

Holiday party

We can also organize receptions for special periods such as Christmas. This is an opportunity to bring employees together in a festive atmosphere. So that each guest can experience unforgettable moments, we offer you original ideas. Be sure to surprise your collaborators at all levels. The setting, the decoration, the music, the light… Nothing is left to chance.

Sonorisation Holiday

In business since 1985, Sonorisation Holiday is today a leader in the entertainment industry, holding events and receptions of all kinds.


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